By Jade J.
OK kids listen up! Middle school relationships are not the best.  We don’t need boyfriends or girlfriends now.  Don’t try to grow up to fast because when your all grown up you will hate most of it. My best advice to you is to focus on your education and not your ” love life. ” You will eventually start dating, its a part of growing up , but in middle school it’s risky.  Some middle school relationships might be wrong or unhealthy, but it seems romantic and normal to a teen, explains Casey Corcoran in the article ” dating in Middle School: Is It Worth the Risk?” Also, most relationships at this time last a few weeks or maybe months if you’re lucky.  And teens are changing a lot at this time so the really don’t have themselves together and that can affect a relationship. A recent study from the University of Georgia said that students who reported dating since Middle school had the poorest study skills, and they were also four times most likely to drop out of high school.  Also it can stress kids out or make them depressed. Orinpas says, ” They are short then finished. Then the boyfriend is dating someone else. In that sense it can get depressing.” That also explains how it can start drama between girls or even a girl and the boy. Also, kids feel pressure to date thinking it’s the cool thing to do.  We don’t need to worry about relationships, how about worry about good frienships and a healthy brain instead.  So therefore you shouldn’t start dating in middle school and just wait.  Focus on school kids!  Dating later!