Mr. James Shull

Physical Education/Science

Why did you become a teacher?

Teaching fits my personality and  my mom was also a teacher.

What personal strengths do you find helpful in your teaching?

Having a sense of humor is very helpful when teaching. If kids think you are funny, they will be more willing to help you out when you have a bad day. Making someone laugh can also help you build close relationships, and I am close to many students.

If you were not a teacher what would you want to be?

I would be a professional golfer because it is fun.

If you were a Disney character who would you be?

I would be Peter Pan because I do not feel like I am growing up. I wear rollerblades and play with kids for a living.

What five adjectives best describe you?

I am attractive, pretty, beautiful, stunning, and drop-dead gorgeous.

What do you find interesting about the subject you teach?

What I find interesting about PE is that it is the subject we give the least amount of thought to but it will give you the most joy in life as time goes on.