By Itzel Benitez
For many decades, we have admired and liked the idea of honesty, kindness, and genuine people.

But we only like the idea.  We don’t focus on the kind things people do these days that change our society in a positive way.  Instead, we focus on the celebrities that get famous for something so dense and unintelligent.  We focus on the people who are like The Kardashians.  The people who only got famous for their money and good looks, when really, we should be paying attention to the things everyday people do in our country, and around the world.

A woman by the name of Carol Suchman in NYC bought out an entire store and gave all the toys and school supplies to homeless children.  A man in China named Wang Han, a former millionaire, went bankrupt to rescue hundreds of dogs.  Even the people, like teachers, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, etc. who teach us, protect us, and take care of our health in our everyday life do positive things everyday. Yet, we still praise and hear what the media has to say about the people who got famous for doing absolutely nothing.

The question is, why do we choose to value the pointless things, than the things that matter the most? Why?