Fortnite is a 100 player pvp which is basically a player vs player free for all in which you must jump out of a floating bus on to a map below. It is best if you land in a named locations as they spawn the best loot, in the whole map their is 16 named locations at which you can land. Then you and 100 other players must fight it out to see who can get that number one spot and get a Victory Royale.

       Sounds easy right?  But the game also adds in building which changes up the play style as you must build in a fight in order to protect yourself and get the high ground which is super important to get easy head shots. Although it doesn’t sound like the most fun the game has taken over the world with more than 3.4 million players. What makes the game so fun is the fact that you can play with up to 3 friends in the same game which would be a squad. If you feel like squad is to much you can also play a duo which is just you and one other person. Fortnite has also caught the eye of many twitch streamers as most of them stream twice a day like ninja or nick eh 30 for about 10 hours. The most popular being ninja making over 500,000 dollars a month. The best part about playing Fortnite is that it’s free and all you need is a gaming PC an Xbox one PS4 and the newest being mobile so all you need is a phone to play.

Now Battle Royale isn’t all Fortnite has to offer there’s also another part of the game called save the world where you can also play a squads to defend places from zombies which have now taken over the world. This version of the game isn’t free and will cost you at minimum $40. Although that sound like a lot when playing this daily you will get V-Bucks which will allow you to buy cool skins and emotes for in game purposes to show off to your friends.