By Marlene Cervantes

Hawaii’s Big Island had 2 new fissures opened during the weekend. The 2 new fissures were spewing lava and fumes which caused many people to evacuate. There are now 18 fissures, including the 2 new fissures on Pahoa. Fissure 17 erupted on Saturday in the morning, spewing lava as high as ten feet in the air, in every direction.

The Hawaiian Observatory said that ¨future outbursts¨ are to be expected of the volcanoes. Around 2,000 people have been evacuated since the volcanoes eruption. The volcanic fissures have devoured dozens of homes and vehicles.

The fissures caused have left many people homeless. When Donald Trump declared a major disaster in Hawaii on Friday, the declaration allowed federals to supply the people who lost their homes with food and shelter. We hope that that the people who lost their home are alright.