By Brenda Morales

On March 28, the Griffiths Femineers had a very successful gala in the library. Students got to come during lunch and 3/4th period. Parents were also invited to come and see what the Femineers have created. Femineers from wearable technology presented hats, jackets, and shirts using led lights and more. They showed their designs by walking a red carpet and explaining how they got it to work. Wearable technology also displayed their paintings that used led lights. They explained how the led lights were able to work and how they got their inspiration for their paintings.

Femineers from creative robotics presented their projects that were able to move by using sensors, motors, and servos. Creative robotics created dogs, dragons, and many more. They were able to program it to do a certain movement. They also were able to use led lights to represent eyes and in different ways. Students and teachers got to see all their projects. Femineers got to explain how their projects were able to move and answer questions.

The Griffiths Femineers gala was a great way to show off the amazing work the Femineers have done. Ms.Vargas, Ms.Gonzalez, and Ms.Worthy put together this gala and were able to make it happen. Ms.Vargas is the teacher for wearable technology and talked about how the program was created. Ms.Gonzalez and Ms.Worthy teach for creative robotics and helped the Femineers get their projects presented. Overall the Femineers had a great gala.