At Griffiths Middle School, students are required to wear two shirts when they dress for P.E.: a blue shirt and a white shirt. The P.E. coaches say that the reason for this is because when students are playing games and they’re put into two different teams, they could just take off a shirt and leave the other one on because they are different colors. This helps students identify their teammates easier and prevents confusion. If you don’t wear your shirt(s), you will get points taken away. I went and interviewed a fellow student, Katelyn Vasquez, and she stated the following: “I don’t really like it, because at times the heat is strong and wearing two shirts can cause more heat, but sometimes I have to agree with wearing two shirts because it can help out with games, to separate teams.”

I also went and interviewed a p.e. teacher, Mr. Oregel. His opinion on this, he says, is that he loves it because on cold days the kids stay warm with two p.e. shirts, and it makes the games easier. “Back in the day they used to have shirts vs skins,” stated Mr. Oregel. Of course this is not appropriate, therefore, two shirts are to make it easy to switch teams.