Why are we not allowed to bring blankets to school you may ask. Well, I personally believe we should be able to bring blankets to school because even when you have a sweater it gets cold! Faculty members make a big situation out of something that isn’t made to bother anyone. Yes, you might be thinking why can’t the students just bring layers of clothing to school so they won’t be cold, but why? So they can be uncomfortable for the rest of the day. This is what Mr. Wharton had to say about the subject, ” Blankets are not allowed because they end up being a distraction and they don’t allow for you guys to be able to work efficiently in class.”  My response to what Mr.Wharton had to say is that what if we just put the blankets away while in class and only use it while at the quad. Not like we’re going to bring a big blanket to school, we would just bring a small one that can keep us warm. I know that some certain students may abuse the privilege of bringing a blanket to school but once someone does, don’t allow them to bring their own blankets anymore.

I talked to some students about the way they feel about not being allowed to bring blankets to school and one of them said, “I feel that it’s not good because some kids might not have sweaters, some may have blankets and they wanna be warm when they come to school but since they can’t bring blankets to school they’ll end up being cold. For the kids that do have sweaters and just wanna bring blankets, I don’t really see how it disrupts learning. I also don’t see how it doesn’t help kids learn because blankets are just accessories and they’re not really there to distract you .” The next student said , “Its not fair because it gets very cold around her and lots of girls when they’re doing they get cold and we don’t really want to wear shorts and after they’re just shivering so if we had a blanket it could warm us up and we would probably focus more since we’d be more comfortable .” Many students on campus believe that we should be able to bring blankets to school especially when its cold because in the mornings there is always so much wind. I know much of the teachers dislike the idea of students wearing blankets while in class but if teachers are able to eat in class then how come we aren’t allowed to wear blankets. Yes I know they are two different things, yes I know we loose rights once we enter this campus but come on can we at least bring something that can warm us up other than a sweater/hoodie.