Disney Day is one of the fun dress up days here at Griffiths Middle School, which includes a lawn party at lunch. This is hosted by our amazing ASB. The students were allowed to dress up as their favorite Disney character, but they could not wear an entire costume. There were lots of fun activities for students to participate in. There was also some great music for students to enjoy. Every song they played was from our favorite Disney movies and T.V. shows.

   Some of the fun activities included “Captain hook toss”  from the movie “Peter Pan” and ” Knock down the aliens” from “Lilo & Stitch”. ASB hid Mickeys all over the school. If you found one you could take it to the candy claw machine from “Toy Story” and win a prize. Students enjoyed each activity that was presented to them since it brought them to a stage of nostalgia. With all the fun activities and music, Disney Day was definitely one of our favorite lawn parties.