As a part of the Femineers club, I was very excited to go to Warren High School and present our hard work and show it off to their students. I was personally nervous that my group’s project because I felt a little hesitant that our project wouldn’t be good enough as the others. As it turns out I was very happy n how it turned out, and many people were very impressed including one of our own teachers at GMS Mrs.Russel. Being in Femineers has let me learn that making time management is very important when you have a deadline and communicating with your team members to get things done. Even some of the girls in Femineers have been there for two to three years and have learned from their mistakes like Camila Vera I asked her what Femineers has taught her and she said “In Femineers, I learned that if you want to achieve something, you have to work for it yourself. I also learned the importance of time management and responsibility, overall, I have enjoyed my time being here in Femineers. ” I also asked one of my other friends Janay Robertson said, ” I learned many things in Femineers, but one of the things I learned the most was how to manage my time properly.” I also asked Juliana Velasco a three year said ” I love Femineers: it has taught me so much. I learned time management and I made life long friends.” Genessy Gonzalez a first-year student in Femineers told me ” I learned on my first year of Femineers to be responsible, time management, and precision. Femineers has become like a second family for me and I believe that they’ll always be there when I need them.” It might seem like I told every girl in Femineers to say that they think time management is important in Femineers, but I promise you that I didn’t. In Femineers time management is truly important, but overall Femineers has been a fun experience and one to learn from.