According to “Gun Violence Archive,” a non-profit corporation that provides accurate information relating to gun violence, this past year in 2018, there have been 54,604 incidents involving a gun against a human. With these incidents, 14,010 people were killed and 27,012 injured. Out of those killed, 283 officers were shot and killed, 644 children 11 and under were killed, and 2,727 kids from ages 12-17 were killed. All of these people that were killed, were innocent and should still be here with us but are not due to the wrong decision of people with guns. Everyone that has died because of gun violence had dreams and people that they loved. The officers would have been doing more good for the community. The children killed should have been on the playground playing pretend. Teenagers should have been studying and hanging out with their friends. Everyone else killed should have been with their families, co-workers, and should have been working, but all of these people can’t experience anything more in life due to the act of someone with a gun. We need to stop this gun violence so that people can see what they are meant for in life. Guns don’t kill people, humans do. Sharing the love and being kind to one another can be the solution to saving lives. This relates to us students because we are the future and if something were to happen to us, many things would change.