On March 1, 2019 the 8th graders attended a field trip to Warren High to get a feel of high school classes and how many classes are avaliable to take. Such as engineering, wood working, film & television production, animation, cooking, computer science, photography and much more. These classes help train students in a specific career area so that they can invest their time in it.

At the beginning of the field trip, students were gifted a warren shirt then gathered up in the gym. They were introduced to the administration, club members, cheerleaders, and the dance team. There are so many club choices for students such as Acts Of Kindness, Animation, Art, Chess, Fashion, Film, Guitar, Impact, Library, Photo, Robotics, and so much more. Students can also create a new club. In order to do this a club constitution and declaration/information sheet must be submitted to ASB and approved. 

Afterwards, 8th graders went to their assigned group and visited classes they may be interested in taking in the future. They received tons of information and learned something new. They also got a look around the school, how the classes are organized, and a feel of their future high school.

Principal Rivas is beyond excited to see her future Freshmans and hopes that they are ready to transition into a bigger wold. Middle school classes are very limited, however; she wants future Freshmans to open their eyes and see the multiple choices of classes in high school. Like any other principal, She wants us to become college and career ready by critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Be a critical thinker

Effective  Communicator

Academically Empowered 

Ready for College and Career

Students of character 

For more information, Warren high has their own official website that holds info for events, the bell schedule, the administration, etc.