“I decided he would be fine and I went to bed. I went to wake him up the next morning and felt something was wrong. He was under the covers and there was a stillness to him; I realized that was it.”

More than 70,000 people die each year due to drugs. Drug usage is an epidemic that is very tragic. The dreadful journey of drugs starts in middle school where kids start to experiment. Students usually try experimenting with drugs to “relieve their pain.” Students start experimenting with weed, pills, or vape. These drugs are just the gateway to larger fatal drugs that aren’t as known. There is a synthetic drug on the market called Fentanyl, which can kill you just by touching it. Many students are not informed about these fatal drugs which can destroy and terminate their lives.

Sarai Esparza, an 8th grader, says, “I really don’t think that kids in middle school or any school should be using drugs. It can end up being an addiction. Some might say that it is ‘cool’ but it really isn’t.” Ashley Garcia, also an 8th grader, agrees with Sarai. She says, “Just like Sarai, I agree that kids shouldn’t be using drugs because one little mistake can ruin your future.”

Drugs will tear you away from your dreams and your family. It causes so much heartbreak and it is not pretty. Ms. Chatmon says, “I think that parents being involved in their students life will really affect drug usage.” I have to agree.