The champions league is regarded as the Superbowl of soccer. The best teams from around the world who aren’t usually able to play against each other get a chance to prove who the best team in soccer is. Last year Real Madrid took the title but without Ronaldo, they could not even make it to the quarterfinals. Now with one of the best candidates who will take the title?

Ajax vs Juventus: This match will take place on Wednesday, April 10th, Juventus have made it to either the final or semifinals the past 3 years of the champions but always falling short to take the title. Now with Cristiano Ronaldo on the squad, the chances of them winning are higher than ever. Ajax is also a very good team pulling off a surprising win against champions Real Madrid.

Barcelona vs Manchester United: Barcelona has also made it to the quarterfinals or higher for the past years of the competition. Manchester United, on the other hand, hasn’t really had much chance at winning the title but they pulled a major upset against PSG coming back from a 2-1 loss advancing into the quarterfinals.

Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur: In their first game everything was pretty balanced as we expected because both of these teams are very good and their no denying that the winner between them will have a good chance at winning the title. Tottenham won the first leg 1-0 home.

Here’s what GMS students have to say about it

Jordi Valle “I think that if Juventus can get passed Ajax they will be able to win the whole title.”

Anthony Cardenas” I still think Real Madrid should be in it but, Liverpool will probably take the title this year.”