The school year is wrapping up and all 8th graders at GMS are preparing for High School. The first day of High School for 8th graders at GMS is in August 12,2019. Some helpful tips students can use to stay organized in High School are listed below.

  • Set up a homework routine
  • Keep all homework and supplies organized
  • Use a planner
  • Keep a binder and Pencil pouch at all times
  • Keep papers from each class separated in binder folders
  •  Get everything ready the night before

You may even be asking yourself when could you start. You can start by being organized the rest of this school year and at home. I even asked some students on their thoughts on how organized they are and if these tips could come a long way in High School. Here is what they said!

” These tips are very useful, but I feel I am already organized,” said Samantha Pinedo (8th)

I then started asking people one through ten on how organized they are.

(One being the least 10 being the best)

” I rate myself a 7, but I feel these tips could help me and others.” quoted Emma Sandoval (8th)

After a couple interviews, I was eager to find someone desperately in need for these tips. Then I finally talked to the right person!

” I am totally unorganized in school and out, my room is like a garbage truck drowning in its own filth,” said Miranda Pelayo (8th)