Is Block Schedule necessary and the best during testing, including the fact students have to spend two hours in each class?

Block Schedule has started once again at Griffiths Middle School. It began on April 1, 2019. This may not be new to 7th and 8th graders, but it is something new for 6th graders. Block Schedule starts when testing season starts so that students have enough time to do the test and their best. However, it can be overwhelming. Most students do not like spending two hours in their class, especially if it’s their least favorite or a super boring class. Every student has different thoughts and feelings on block schedule, however; most feel the same. The question “How do you feel about Block Schedule?” was asked to three students.

Student #1, Zoe Lopez 8th: “It sucks because I have to spend two hours in my classes!”

Student #2, Natalie Vasquez 8th : “It’s horrible because I have to spend two hours in PE!”

Student #3, Camila Guzman 8th: “I think it’s fine, but I just don’t like spending two hours in class because it can become very boring.”

Many other students complain how spending two hours in class is ridiculous, but it’s important. Students may hate it, but it’s for students to have time to do their test. Last semester 8th graders took their SAT test without block schedule. Not everyone finished on time, especially since the test was timed. Most 8th graders wished they had block schedule because it would of felt a little less stressful. Present 7th and 8th grade students recall having block schedule both semesters, but this year we did not have it both semesters, we only had it for one semester. Block schedule may seem unnecessary and boring, but it is important for students to do well during testing.