The story I’m writing about is about our incoming 6th graders/ Griffiths Indians and our awesome web leaders. They helped with this event that happened a few weeks ago. Fifth graders from multiple elementary schools came to Griffiths Middle School to check out our campus to see how middle school is really like. They were also entering classes and our amazing band and dance team performed. This event happened because our web leaders wanted to show our incoming 6th graders how middle school is really like and give them a experience. It happened on March 27th, 2019. This event happened at Griffiths Middle School. Griffiths and our web leaders wanted to show our 5th graders what it is like to be in a bigger school with a lot more people. They also were showing them how it is going to be in August when they come for the first time. This relates to Griffiths Middle School because we want our incoming 6th graders to feel welcome. Also, because it is scary to come to a much bigger school several grades and more people.

The first person I interviewed was Daniela Duarte: “I really loved showing our new Griffiths Indians around and giving them an experience.”

The second person was Daphne David: “It was fun showing them inside our classes and around campus. I also loved how we did an orientation for them so that that the feel welcome.”