Summer is approaching and the students at GMS are ready for summer break! Here are some activities you can do during the summer when you are bored and have nothing to do. One inexpensive activity you could do is going to you local community park. Here you can play with your pet, sibling, ride your bike, and practice some new tricks on your skateboard. To cool off from summer´s scorching weather you can go swimming. Swimming is a good source of exercise, fun to do with others, and can even help you get a little tan.

I asked some students what they will be doing during summer and here is what they said. Samantha Pinedo said, ¨During summer I am going to be playing and practicing softball.¨Madelyn McCuiston stated, ¨During summer I will be playing volleyball and hanging out with my family and friends.¨

Some other exciting activities you could do out of town is going to Knott´s Berry Farm or even Disneyland with family and friends! You can even go to water parks like Ranging Waters or even the Beach. Also, every ones favorite, going out to eat! So, this summer everyone should be doing something out of the house, enjoying our time off from school.