As our last year in 8th grade, we are preparing to go into High School. I suppose that most people are nervous or at least curious about what it will be like. I am nervous about what new expectations there will be and the standards I should be able to meet. Of course, every person’s experience will be different, but it will be interesting to see what my first year of High school will be. So I interviewed a few people on what they think High School will be like. The First person I interviewed was Tiffany Garcia I asked her what is she expecting High School to be like?” I am nervous about how big the school is and like meeting new people. But I am excited about the fact that there is going to be more stuff to do and a little more freedom in High School.” Another 8th grader Fatima Berdeja said ” I expect high school to be hard at first, but then I will probably get used to it. But the thing I am most excited about are the classes because I want to know how different it will be from middles school classes.” The last person I interviewed was Cassandra Rodriguez and she said ” I expect high school to be difficult but through the years I will get the hang of it. I am most excited about getting to make more friends and just try to make the most of it.” All the people I interviewed have different perspectives on how they expect high school to be. But everyone’s high school experience is different. I hope high school will be a fun time and I hope I don’t stress too much about the small things.