By Jocelyn Llanes

Students hate distance learning. The students are at home doing school work because of the Covid- 19. The kids are using google classroom and zoom to communicate with their teachers. During this quarantine the students aren’t able to go outside in to the world with out a face mask on.

I interviewed a few students to see what their answer would be to these questions, what do you miss most about school? And how does it feel doing school work at home? This is what Sofia Arriaga said, “The thing I miss most about school is being able to see my friends and laugh. And at first, it was a little bit hard adjusting to doing school work at home because teachers posted at different schedules than a regular day, but now that a couple of weeks have passed it is easier and I like being able to work on school work at my own pace.” This is what she said but Joselyn Rivera disagrees  with the second question because she said “ I miss seeing all of my teachers and friends. And it feels boring and hard, like it was 100 times better at school.” But, Kasandra Minchaca on the other hand is in between the two she said “ I miss seeing my friends. And I t’s kind of stressful since there is no one to tell you what to do, but overall it’s not too bad.