During this year we have been under construction in GMS. This construction has had many effects on us. For example, many teachers have been moving in and out of the village. GMS made the village for the classrooms that are being worked on. Some classrooms that have been under construction are in the 40’s and 50’s halls. Some students had to stay in the cafeteria as their science room was being worked on. The new classrooms will include new floors, new ceiling, projectors, and new coat of paint. They are also working on the 10’s and 20’s halls. The science teachers are currently moving into the IH classrooms and the English teachers are moving back into their original classrooms. This year Griffiths Middle School is making many changes to its campus to create a better learning environment for the students. 


Today we interviewed one of the teachers here at GMS to get their opinion on the construction. We interviewed Mrs. Romero and this is what she had to say about it.

“ I think the improvements to the room have been great, it’s been difficult to move in and out of classrooms, like at the end of last year and in December. It caused us to lose some instructional days. We asked her further questions about the new classrooms and what she thinks needs to be moderated. This is how Mrs. Romero responded. “There are better walls and floors, also the TV is no longer here. I think the outside of the classrooms also need improvement as well, like a new coat of paint, and a clean up. “That was Mrs. Romero’s response to the GMS construction.


Overall the construction has made an impact, not only on students, but teachers as well. By interviewing my Mrs. Romero we have learned that most of the teachers like the new improvements to Griffiths Middle School. We still don’t have a word on when the construction will be finished , but hopefully in time for everyone to enjoy.