At this time teens around the world are heartbroken by the cancelation of proms and postponements of their graduation ceremony. This has came to be because of the worldly spread of Covid 19, a disease that is much common to the flu. In just a few weeks into April,  parents in Colorado, Shelia and Cristo Castillo held together a prom in their house for their daughter Carlee. Carlee was a senior who like others were looking forward to their prom  as well as disappointed to be informed that it was repealed. Sheila Castillo Carlee’s mother was the one to have the great idea behind the operation and told Carlee the night before of her surprise.  Carlee was so excited and happy to be informed of the news. She was more than willing to be wearing her gown and being her fathers date. As the night started her father gave her the traditional corsage and ate a family meal. The night continued and Carlee and her father danced the night away, as they danced it brought pleasurable memories from the past her father exclaimed. He said it was nice to have one last dance with this daughter before she takes off to college in the fall.Even Carlee herself said” It was a lot of fun”and hopefully this event will forever be a cherished memory and the most exciting plan in quarantine for her yet.