Many people these days have found that going on a vegan diet is the route to go when finding benefits for their health and the environment. In fact studies have found that similar to the vegetarian diets, vegan diets have had a lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type two diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Many different celebrities have also jumped on the vegan diet like, Natalie Portman, Zach Efron, Ariana Grande, Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna,  Alicia Silverstone, and James Cameron. People like Jeniffer Lopez, Meghan Markle, and Bill Clinton have also tried to add more vegan food into their diets. Although some people think that people who are vegan tend to be more leaner and “weaker” there are some vegan athletes out there like Serena Williams and NFL player named David Carter aka “ the 300 pound vegan.” There are many vegan meal options, although not all vegan food is considered healthy like candies, chips, baked goods, etc. That is why you should really educate yourself when going vegan. When going vegan, cooking vegan can be a little more challenging when you don’t know how to replace animal protein, animal dairy, and oils. Although there are many vegan alternatives to them like tofu, olive oil, cashew milk, flax seed eggs (for baking), etc. When going vegan you will also have to look for restaurants that serve vegan food. There are certain apps you can get to help find vegan food places such as happy cow or veg man.Some challenging things that you can face when going vegan can be getting enough nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin D, omega 3, iron, and vitamin B12. Although if you are well educated enough you can find many plant based alternatives to these vitamins and nutrients you can add to tour life. Going vegan may take time though it can take up to 3 to 6 months to fully convert into a vegan. Although you can easily change or transition into a vegan lifestyle by changing one of your meals vegan like breakfast then later on lunch and dinner. Some people start off by even turning vegan once a week. That little change can really help the environment by reducing the amount of animal products consumed every week if everyone did it.