Elisa Munoz, Cyani Rodriguez, and Kenneth Michel

     At GMS we value sports and even have a whole day dedicated to them, but with the global pandemic they were canceled. There are rumors of school returning next year, but should sports come back too?

     We interviewed two students from GMS and asked them some questions about sports at school. Sandra Luis 8th grade and Jake Saucedo 7th grade. They have both said that they miss playing sports at school and hope that they can play again soon.

      We asked Sandra how she felt about not being able to play sports this year and this is what she said “It’s a little hard with what’s going on at the moment but I think it’s for the best.” We then asked Jake if he thinks sports should be allowed once we come back to school. This is what he said “Yes, but with some rules so we can play safely.” I think we can agree with him. They both think that it’s better to play alternative than online because people want to play in person. We also asked what kind of sports is best to play over quarantine and Sandra said “Handball because it’s the least interaction with someone.”

        Mostly every kid likes playing sports and it’s the best way to stay active. We can all say that we miss playing sports and competing with each other. So a safe alternative would be to alter the sports so everyone can stay distanced, but still have fun. What sports do you think should be allowed?