Written by: Bianca Enriquez, Aolani Lopez, and Delaney Arrazola

Right now, everyone is wondering what is going to happen with distant learning.  Students feel anxious to get back to school after a long period of staying home, and continuing school through online activity.

In the county’s in California they’re assigned a tier for their positive test results from COVID and the case rates.  In The LA area we are in something known as the purple tier which is widespread across our city. We are working on getting into the red tier, and we have to be in the red tier for 28 days before they can consider reopening schools again. They would consider going back to school on January 4th 2021, because once we are in the red tier we have the ability to stay in it for 28 days. Starting in around November it would take us to the beginning of December, and they don’t want us to go before winter break.  

Dr. Garcia has said that they would give parents more information in November considering they want the parents to have an option if they feel comfortable with their child going back or not. We know schools in Orange County have already gone back to school since September with many schools being elementary schools. 

 Mr. McCurry, a social studies teacher from Griffiths, thinks that right now there is a lot to see if we are going to be able to go back to school, but if we do go back he is looking forward to it. One main thing Mr. McCurry said is that he is concerned about student safety and transitioning back to in-person learning, but he does think older students can be able to come back to school and follow the Covid rules. 

Also, after getting the opinion of a student in our school, starting with Krissy Reyes said she thinks we will not be able to go back to school. Another student from Griffiths Middle School stated,”I think reopening schools is not such a great idea even though I do miss my friends and want to go back to school. I know it’s still unsafe.” Other kids also agree that they are worried about the safety of other students. 

At the moment we don’t know if we will be able to go back to school, but we will have updates if anything happens in these months.