By Emma Escobar, Danika Cozort, and Amanda Vizcarra.

          As coronavirus cases go up and the chance of going back to school, in person, gets smaller. GMS continues to find ways to stay connected with the Thunderbirds. Here are some of the ways GMS is doing that.

          Starting Monday, November 16th ASB and hosted an event called Gratitude Week. This meant ASB and found ways where GMS students could say thanks to teachers and staff members all week. One of these ways was Staff Shout Outs. Staff Shout Outs allowed students from any grade to record a video of them giving thanks to one or more teachers or staff. Then they would forward it to Mr. Plant, ASB supervisor and GMS art teacher, so that they could appear on GMG (Good Morning Griffiths.)

           WEB hosted an event called Thunderbird Thursday, on November 19th, 2020. This event was available to all grades 6th-8th and it was based on games connected to GMS and to our Thunderbirds. We laughed, talked, and played some games. One of the games the WEB leaders played was Scavenger Hunt. In this game the WEB leader will say something like “Stuffed Animal” and so the students will go run to go get one and the WEB leaders will see who comes back to the zoom with a stuffed animal.

             WEB is hosting a Holiday/Ugly Sweater themed zoom party on December 10, at 2:00 pm. WEB is thrilled and ready to have some fun, laugh, and play games with everyone. So get your ugly sweaters out and expect one hideous zoom party. More information will be posted on GMG or check your email for meeting ID.

          If you are feeling a little disconnected, just want to be part of some activity, or maybe you just wanna meet some friends and have fun, GMS recommends you join a club, or zoom party. They are loads of fun and ASB, WEB,our teachers, and staff are trying their best to make each and every club or party the best they can be.