It’s hard to imagine what Christmas is going to be like due to the pandemic.

Well I had interviews with a teacher and my friend of what they are doing for this Christmas. There was one teacher that I interviewed and her name is Mrs. Legg, which she said “ For Christmas I am going to go bike riding near the beach and then take my dog to the dog beach.” Which is a good way to celebrate Christmas, just keep safe. There was another teacher that I had interviewed, which was Sophie and she said “This Christmas I am going to stay home and do some fun activities. This are two ways that will be a good reason to celebrate for this year’s Christmas.


Going to a mall to buy Christmas presents just isn’t the way to keep safe during the pandemic. There are many people who touch the same things as you. Then you have to wait in a big line, which is 6 feet apart from each other. There is also when the mall can be packed with people which can cause you to get sick from others nearby. A better way for people to shop for Christmas presents is by online shopping. There isn’t much trouble with it since you’re just staying home and being safe. But don’t get your Christmas presents too late then they won’t arrive on the day that you want it to. So get on your laptops or phones 

and start to do some online shopping for this year’s Christmas.