As the second semester starts, every student is closer to summer break. Here are some ways GMS is making this second semester engaging and fun.

            In GMS news, all clubs will begin next week, so if you’ve joined one, use this week to stay on track with school work or to take care of yourselves . If you want to look into or are planning to join a club, watch GMG (Good Morning Griffiths/ Thunderbird TV) for upcoming club dates or check your student email for club meeting zooms. Keep in mind that some clubs have limited space.

             If you haven’t seen it already, Mr. Bohlinger created a wonderful video for us Thunderbirds with just a drone. In this video it gives us an amazing view point i of the whole campus showcasing the new gym and classroom. Hopefully by the end of the year all Thunderbirds get to see and use these new additions from our school. Thank you Mr. Bohlinger and you can find it on January 7th’s GMG or on our YouTube page.

              As we all start the new semester and a strange new year we must do everything we can to make this year amazing. GMS wants to help you do that and will continue to try to make this year the best it can be, even though we’re not together. More new to come on GMG and your student email. Happy New Year!

By Emma Escobar