ASB and WEB are finding new ways and opportunities to stay connected with our Thunderbirds. This month they plan to have zoom parties every week, having each one a different theme. There will be games, music, and lots of fun, so if you want to laugh or meet a new friend come and join one of these awesome zoom parties.

       Some themes that WEB and ASB for zoom are Universal, Throwback, Fortnite, and Valentines. If you are interested or know a lot about these themes, you might want to join and earn a few treats and prizes. ASB and WEB are also holding a game week for you gamers out there. It starts on February 22-26 and ASB and WEb are looking forward to seeing your face there. So if you’re into games or want to meet a friend or two, WEB and ASB are welcoming you. More info on GMG/ Thunderbird TV.

       As first progress reports for the semester are around the corner, yearbooks are doing all they can to collect photos and memories to create one. Even though it’s harder than being in person, yearbook would like all your help too so they can have a stable yearbook to sell at the end of the year. Some ways you can help yearbook do this is by sending in your portrait photos and any other GMS photo you have that fall under the category that yearbook needs. Now you may be wondering, how can I send in my photos? Luckily yearbook’s supervisor/teacher, Mrs. Chatmon, has created a website dedicated to just sending in;

       WEB, ASB, and Yearbook are doing all they can to be and get you engaged in our school regardless of our situations. More info on GMG and too come.