There is a huge problem today in the game of baseball.  A lot of players lack respect.  When you play baseball the number one thing you have to do is be humble, because karma is the worst in baseball.  For example, the Toronto Blue Jay’s Jose Bautista has no respect what so ever.  He didn’t learn last year after he got rocked by Rougned Odor when he bat-flipped and he also slid into the second-basemen which you don’t do.  Again he bat-flipped last night with the Braves, but this time he stared at the ball and did a little trot when he rounded first base.  The Brave’s first-basemen even told him something and when he got to home plate the catcher even told him something and the benches started to clear.  After that he got what he deserved, a 95-mph fastball to the thigh.  Remember when you were a kid and your peers told you,” Treat others the way you want to be treated and they’ll treat you the same.”  That’s exactly how it is in baseball, if you talk trash to another player you’re going to get the same thing right back at you maybe even more.  It’s not just disrespectful, it is also a lack of class.  Baseball is not the only sport that lacks respect, football is another big sport.  For example, Odell Beckham Jr.  is one of the best wide receivers but he can get super arrogant.  Last season he had a time when he was not doing so good and he was very frustrated with himself.  Well all the boasting caught up with him which turned into karma.  You just have to respect the game you play and the players you play with and you will do good.  Another good example is my brother.  He talks the most trash but he still does good, I do not get it.  My mother would also say karma will catch up to him, and it did.  In his senior year he could not it for anything and he was 9th in the line-up.   Have respect man, it is very easy and if you cannot do it people will not like you or want to be on the same time as you, you will either be disliked because you are disrespectful or you are a headcase.  Just be humble and you will be good.