Image result for no assigned group projects        Have you ever been assigned to a group project… by a teacher? Almost every single time something goes wrong and then you end up with a bad grade, or lots of mistakes. So who do you blame… your group, the teacher, or maybe yourself? In any way you always end up with a few people who don’t work, so you do the project on your own… which is why I will be writing about the truth for ASSIGNED GROUP PROJECTS! The three main things that happen in group projects are: Students don’t work, it gets stressful for the people who are trying to work on the project, and you worry about your grade. 


        To start off, every time your teachers assign group projects, there’s at least one person in your group who slacks off. That person gets easily distracted and doesn’t listen. So when it’s your groups job to finish the project, he or she makes up excuses and eventually ends up doing nothing. The result: His or her job has to be done by someone else in the group before the due date. 


        Not only… but also, when those students don’t work, it becomes VERY stressful for the people who are trying to work on the project, with a near deadline. This leads to a decreased amount of help you needed to finish the project. So what happens…you try to contact the people who aren’t working, they don’t pick up, and your plan to finish the project gets messed up! I surveyed 15 people and 13 said that every time there is an assigned group project, something goes wrong and at least 1 person doesn’t work in your group. 


        Finally, the day of the deadline, you’re probably a nervous wreck. You’re wondering if you did a good job on the project, without the right amount of help needed. The teacher checks your group’s project; reads everything you wrote, and either gives you a decent grade, or the worst grade ever! Usually, the teacher gives you a decent grade, but I’m not saying that that’s a good thing. You might be happy with the grade, yet in the back of your head you’re probably thinking about how your ENTIRE GROUP got a good grade. How about the people who didn’t work on the project? Do they deserve the good grade? NO.  


      Given these points, ASSIGNED GROUP PROJECTS aren’t necessarily a great idea. I would say that 90% of the time you end up with a not so good group. So now that I have told you the truth about group projects, don’t you think the students themselves should choose their groups? Because if the students do, then their lack on the project will be blamed on them, and not on the teacher. What do you think about assigned group projects?