Jayson Gadd – 4/11/17

This potential McGregor-Mayweather fight raises a lot of eyebrows on many people.  There have been many conversations with UFC’s president Dana White.  Through this process, White said he’ll assist McGregor in anyway to make this happen.  At an interview Dana said, “ I want to do this for Conor.  I want him to make this kind of money.” He also said the fight will take place later in the year and McGregor also has a baby boy.  Now Mayweather on the other hand he told Sky Sports that, “ Most likely this fight between me and Conor McGregor will happen.”  Floyd also said that is the only fight that will get him back in the ring.  Age is a huge difference between this men, Floyd is 40 years old and Conor won’t even turn 29 until July.  The biggest thing to get this fight going is the money that is involved.  This potential fight  is estimated to make $100 million alone for Mayweather.  The Mayweather camp offer McGregor $15 million but he wasn’t enthused.  Mayweather has already earned up to $700 million in the ring, it’s not like he needs more.  There has not really been an official date discussed but sooner or later these two phenomenons will step in the ring and go toe-toe until there is one winner and one loser.  Mayweather called out a date in June and McGregor said in September.  They are both professionals in their subject of fighting but McGregor is sort of new to boxing because he does MMA.  Most people are saying Mayweather will win but others say Mcgregor can have a chance.  With Conor’s speed and that deadly left hand hook we will have to wait and see until it happens.  There have been ideas going around that McGregor might not return to the UFC in 2017 after this fight.  This fight will happen eventually and it’s going to get bloody, we just have to be patient and see what the outcome will be.  Mcgregor told reporters that he’s trying to make a historic billion-dollar fight.  I personally think McGregor will win this fight, even though this isn’t his cup of tea I won’t hop on the Mayweather band wagon and root for him if he wins.