The Giants AT&T Park has water and dumps, so this attracts the gulls to come there. This can lead to the gulls bothering the baseball players in a game and the fans who are watching. The way the workers handled it was using kites that were falcons look a likes to keep the gulls away. The stadium lets the fans name the kites. In my opinion, I think that it’s great the kites keep them away so that the baseball players don’t get distracted from the gulls. It could affect the fans who go there because they might wonder why there are kites and why is there so many gulls. This information might stop fans from throwing their leftovers on the floor so the gulls won’t come. It also isn’t healthy for the gulls to be eating our leftovers instead of fish which they need to. People that don’t throw away their trash attracts the gulls to come and bother people in the stadium. As you can clearly see the stadium has resolved this issue so everyone can have a great time.