By Itzel Benitez

For many years, people have blamed video games for acts of violence, bullying, etc.

       It all started because a debate in 1976 about how a video game called ¨Death Race” that allowed players to drive over human-like stick figures called ¨gremlins¨. This caused an outburst of the public who made arcades take out the game, and burned the machines until the company stopped producing the game. Another bigger outburst of this debate was in 1999 as two teenage shooters at Columbine high school that played violent video games often.  We need to know the start of the debates that caused all these other discussions for current video games and why people think video games cause violence.Because of these bad events, and many other incidents, this might change parents minds on letting their kids play video games like GTA, Call of Duty, Mortal Combat, etc.  

       My opinion on this argument is video games don’t cause the violence, it’s the people that do. If a person isn’t right in the head and plays a violent video game, it’s that person’s fault for playing it. A youtuber, Destrey, says, ¨It’s like a person drinking milk before going on a mass murder and then blames his actions on the milk because he had too much calcium in his bones¨ . This is my opinion on this matter. 

       This information doesn’t affect my life but it will affect strict parents, and parents in general, and their kids in a bad way because many parents wouldn’t want their kids of any age from 10-19 to be influenced by violence.