I am sure everyone who is interested in sports, or even people who don´t pay attention to sports, has heard of the Ball brothers and their very loud father. Although this time the story is about the ¨forgotten¨ brother, LiAngelo Ball. The last time LiAngelo ball has gotten large attention was when he stole glasses from the Louis Vuitton store in China, but now he´s getting a little bit more positive attention. There has been talk that he would like to play with his brother in the NBA, but the crazier thing is that he would like to also be on the same team. There has never been a time where brothers play on the same team. At the same time LiAngelo is not as good as his brothers. He is in the NBA draft but it would be very hard and surprising for him to be on the same team as his brother. Skill wise, LiAngelo is a good player, but can he really step up to play with the pros?