Mr. Steven Partnoff

7th and 8th grade math


What subject do you teach?

I teach 7th & 8th grade math in Room 102

How Many Years Have You Been Teaching?

This is my 1st year teaching but I have been a student teacher.

What college did you go to?

I attended Biola Univercity

Where did you teach before coming to GMS?

I substituted at different districts.

Worst teaching moment?

I was calling a student by the wrong name for the whole day.

Why do you like teaching? Why did you become a teacher?

I like teaching because I like having a positive impact on learning

What is your funniest, most embarrassing, or best teaching moment?

I forgot my computer at home and I had to work on the fly.

Are you married, and do you have any kids?

I am married but I don’t have kids.

Do you like sports? If so what is your favorite team?

Baseball: Dodgers

Basketball: Lakers

Do You Have Any Hobbies?

I like hiking, swimming, playing sports, reading, and hanging out with friends

What Advice Would You Give Your Students?

Be true to yourself, make the right friends and push yourself even further than you can.