I love jewelry from bracelets to rings, to necklaces and anklets, I’m in. I love jewelry, but most places are incredibly expensive and out of my price range. And if that’s the case for you, Pura Vida Bracelets has the cutest bracelets and rings. It’s the best of two worlds because while many people rush to the conclusion that the low price makes them cheap and easily broken, that is not the case at all. The quality of Pura Vida bracelets is amazing, and so are the prices.  Their dainty, beachy bracelets are not just stylish but also for a good cause. A lot of their money goes to charity or to help the Artisans living in poverty. They have bracelets to raise money for Depression awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, LGBTQ pride Awareness, and a baby lost awareness.

The business was started when two friends who traveled to Costa Rica met two other men who were living in poverty. The men who they met sold hand-made bracelets to make a living, and soon they created a community of Artisans everywhere to create handmaid bracelets and jewelry for us. They gained a lot of money and now, as I said, help other Artisans, like themselves, get out of poverty. They also have packs of bracelets like the Save The Turtles Pack and the Wanderlust Pack. Their Bracelets are changing the world be a part of this by shopping at puravidabracelets.com.