By Nathan A.

      On March 3, 2016 Disney CEO, Bob Iger announced to all the fans of all things Star Wars that in the year of 2017  Disneyland will open Star Wars Land. Bob Iger did not announce the for sure date when the land will open, but hopefully it will be soon. The 14 acres of  land will include droids from the movies such as  bb-8 to C3po, aliens such as Jabba the hutt and humanoids roaming around the area. The land will replace Big Thunder Ranch, not Big Thunder Mountain. So far they have two designs for attractions, for example one will allow riders to control and ride the Millennium Falcon and the other attraction will place the riders in a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. I advise you to look out for the date of when Star Wars land will open and if you do go visit Star Wars land enjoy the new galaxy that awaits.