by Alicia C.

Donald Trump is the fourth president in history to be elected President while losing the popular vote. For those who don’t know, the election is based on the votes of the electoral college rather than being solely based on the votes of the American citizens. The electoral college is made up of 538 electors which is the sum of all the people in Congress plus 3 people for Washington DC. The amount of electors a state receives is equivalent to the amount of representatives they have in Congress. In all but two states, the majority vote in the state wins all the votes of the state. For example if in California 35 electoral votes go to Hillary Clinton and 20 go to Donald Trump, all 55 electoral votes will be given to Hillary. 

Because of the electoral college, the approval ratings of some Presidents can be very low. Recent polls show Bill Clinton’s approval rating at 58% in the 1992, George W Bush had an approval rating of 59% in 2000, and Barack Obama had an approval rating of 68% in 2008.  However, Donald Trumps’ approval rating is only at 46%, the new historic low. Furthermore based on Donald Trumps’ behavior at the debates, only 30% of people will give him a grade of an ¨A¨ or a ¨B.¨ Previously the lowest amount of people giving a president high marks went to George H.W Bush at 49% in 1988. Barack Obama had the highest amount of people give him an ¨A¨ or a ¨B¨ at 75% of people. 

Even crazier, as the polls continue to be counted, Hillary Clinton takes an astonishing lead. At the amount Hillary Clinton has about 1.7 million more votes than Donald Trump and there is still 2.8 million ballots left to count.  Estimates show Hillary Clintonś lead could reach up to 2.5 million more votes. This is 5 times more than Al Gore beat George W.  Bush in the last election where the unpopular presidential candidate was elected.