Poetry club, held by Ms. Wolfe, is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in the power of poetry and spoken word. These art forms can help people to better cope with the hardships or frustrations they may be dealing with in their lives. If you are quiet, shy, or have social anxiety, the Live Poets of GMS can help with that. If you are loud, outgoing, and love to speak your mind, the Live Poets of GMS can help you to refine or discover a natural talent you may not know that you already had. During club meetings, poetry is shared—both the poetry of others and those the members write themselves. You do not have to write poetry to be a member of the club, however. Students can discuss anything that might be on their minds and find ways to constructively and creatively express themselves.  Ms. Wolfe wants all students to have the opportunity to experience the Creative Writing/Get Lit curriculum, to ensure your voice is heard. If you are interested, stop by to see her in room 107, or leave your name and id number in her office mailbox. Meetings are held on Wednesday during lunch.