On Tuesday the U.S. House of Representatives passed a law that Internet service providers will be able to store your browsing history and sell that data to advertisers, a lot of people disagree with such an idea because why does the government have to know such personal things about you and what your interests are like. U.S. Representative Michael Capuano, said  “Give me one good reason why Comcast should know what my mother’s medical problems are,” and “Just last week I bought underwear on the Internet. Why should you know what size I take? Or the color?” In my opinion I don’t understand what the government would do with such information, it’s not like it’s necessary and the government already has enough problems to deal with do they really need to know what adults and teenagers search up.  The FCC, during the Obama administration, had introduced a set of rules, the Broadband Consumer Privacy Proposal, which would have required broadband providers to get permission from customers before tracking them and selling the data, but supporters of the bill argued that the Obama regulations were an overreach and that oversight of the Internet should fall under the FTC, (Federal Trade Commission) FTC deals with complaints that are filed regarding unfair business practices such as scams, deceptive advertising and monopolistic practices. not the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) which is responsible for regulating the radio, television and phone industries.People are strongly disagreeing with this idea because what you do on the internet is personal, people that support this idea probably think that teenagers are the only one disagreeing because they don’t want their search history to be tracked because of videos they watch or pictures but it’s also adults that disagree because adults use the internet to buy medicine or do online shopping why does the government need this information and it’s also way more than that it’s invading everyone’s personal space and it puts people in such a vulnerable position because of their interests and what they do on their computers/ phones. The government already has enough control on us but for it to also know everything we’re doing is like taking away almost all of our freedom. People disagree so much that they’re already writing articles about how to prevent it like http://money.cnn.com/2017/03/29/technology/spying-companies-isp-house-vote/  this article talks about how you can protect your browsing history and shows you what you can do. In an interview with five 8th graders someone of them agreed and disagreed with congress tracing your search history, here’s what they said “ I think it’s necessary because the government can catch people who who pose a threat or try to do something illegal, it also helps because if someone searches something suspicious they can catch them, doing this can also prevent terrorist attacks” – Jayson Gadd 8th grader. But some also disagreed with the congress tracing your search history and here’s what they said “I think it’s a total invasion of privacy. What we do in the comfort of our homes shouldn’t be exploited for money, even it’s done with good intentions. I still believe it’s violating the 4th amendment” – Ezra Alemu 8th grader, “ I think it’s not necessary for the government to look and sell our search history because that’s our privacy and it’s our interests to random people, that’s not right” – Nathan Au 8th grader and “I think that it is an invasion of privacy and it isn’t right to go into people’s search history and selling it to companies” Amour Gonzalez. According to this interview 4 out of 5 people disagree with what the government is doing and think it’s an invasion of privacy only one person agrees with what government is doing because we can maybe catch a terrorist attack in progress or just someone doing something illegal.

What do you think would you want the government knowing everything you do at home and invading your privacy like that?

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