Students in America are struggling in arts and music tests. Results on this test are showing that students have trouble appreciating arts and music. Students all around the U.S take this test and educational leaders say, this is a sign that we have a lot to learn. Studies have shown that out of 300 eighth graders, students scored an average of 147 in music and 149 in visual arts. No improvement was shown when students took the test back in 2008. ¨When I saw the results, clearly there is room for improvement,¨said, Peggy Carr, she helps to lead the NCES test program. In one part of the test, students were asked to listen to George Gershwin´s famous song¨Rhapsody In Blue¨. Only about half were able to identify the opening part was played on clarinet. In another test, students looked at two different paintings. Most could point out one or two differences in style between the paintings, but when they looked at artists self-portraits they usually struggled. Students who scored average do not know a lot of content on the assessment. For a long time, white students outperformed Hispanic students from a difference of 32 to 23, but the number has decreased over the years, numbers have gone down to 26 to 19. However, girls seem to outperform boys on the assessment. Randi Weingarten,   president of the American federation of teachers, has stated that visual arts such as painting, and drawing can boost a child’s creative and critical thinking, she also stated that playing an instrument can boost a student’s test scores. She blames Presidents Trump’s government. Trump wants to cut funds for after-school and summer programs. After reading this article what do you think should be done? Should President Trump cut funding for after school and summer programs?  Should more students start to see and understand the arts in music and visuals?