Barry Jenkins, director of Moonlight, and Jordan Horowitz producer of La La Land, recently had a “family reunion” months after La La Land was mistakenly announced for best picture winner at this years Oscar awards when Moonlight was the actual winner. In February when the Oscars took place, La La Land was announced as the winner due to an envelope mix-up. While all the chaos was going on in the background while La La Land producers were giving their speeches, Horowitz announced the mistake and handed the Oscar over to the team from Moonlight. In an interview after the Oscars, Horowitz told Entertainment Weekly, “I don’t know what happened. I don’t care to know what happened. There was a mess up. I saw the envelope that said Moonlight and it needed to be corrected.” In a separate interview that took place, Jenkins praised Horowitz for his action. Jenkins told Entertainment Weekly, “It will be remembered and I think in a beautiful way. I know one thing. I’m never going to forget Jordan Horowitz. I just won’t.”