Fruit Coasters : To make this diy you need coasters, paint( red,white, green, orange, black, brown), and paintbrushes . The three fruits you can make with the paint colors  are a watermelon, orange , and a kiwi.

Flamingo Centerpiece : For this diy you need jars mason jars, water, little flamingo toy, fake palm trees, and hot glue. First you have to remove the lid. Glue the objects onto the lid and add water to your jar. Then, close your jar and flip it upside down. (make sure its tightly sealed) For a better look maybe tie a balloon over it.

Rock painting: When you and your friends get tired of swimming, you can maybe rock paint. you’ll need paint and rocks. you can buy these things at a crafts store or just get the rocks from your yard. You can paint things like fruits,plants,or animals if you have really good art skills.

Water balloon catch: This activity requires a couple water balloons and teams of two. All you need to do is throw the water ballon to your partner from a distance making sure it doesn’t pop. Who ever lasts the most with out popping the balloon wins.

Pool Volleyball: This activity needs a volleyball net and a volleyball . If you don’t have neither you can use a pool noodle as a ne and a beach ball as a volleyball.