There are already robots that can watch the elderly, build cars, and perform surgeries, but is there a robot that can was dishes and do your bed? It appears that there is one coming to your home faster than you think. The reason for that is because Amazon has started a “top secret” plan working on building a robot that can be used in your own home, according to a report from Bloomberg. The project itself is already several years old. It is being run out of Lab 126, a division for the company known for creating different project like Echo and Kindle. The robot is known as “Vesta”. The robot might be released as early as next year, Bloomberg reported. Its skills and abilities are still unknown, but the machine could behave as a “mobile Alexa”. Bloomberg announced that different models of the robot include cameras and software that allows the robot to navigate through your home, without bumping into things along the way.

Aeolus Robot

One of the most popular displays at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year was the Aeolus Robot. This child-sized machine amazed the audience by doing household chores. It mopped the floor, picked up stuffed animals, and moved furniture so that it was able to clean the whole floor. It even was able to pick up drinks with an advanced hand.

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Aeolus grabbing a can of Coca-Cola

This was a proficient move done by Aeolus without the help of any humans. The robot is also able to locate lost things like a toy. If it is under a couch, and you or anyone else can’t find it, Aeolus is there to find it.