The Antarctic is home to animals like whales, penguins, and leopard seals. Scientists seen that these animals are facing a food shortage. Krill, small shrimp-like crustaceans are decreasing. Climate change and large-scale fishing are the main reasons for the decrease of krill.

Ice has melted where algae and plankton krill live because of global warming. Rising temperatures could decrease the krill population by 40 percent in some areas. The krill population have reduced by 80 percent by the 1970s. Less krill for penguins in Antarctica’s Scotia Sea to feed on. According to researchers the disappearance of krill can lead to disastrous population decline among the predators that eat that eat krill. The penguin population could decrease by almost one-third by the end of the century. Decrease in the krill population is also because of expanded fishing.

Recent years fishing for krill has expanded. Fishing vessels and changes in technology are increasing numbers and are causing more krill to be caught. British scientist Susie Grant said carefully managed fishing should be allowed only to protect the krill.