World Autism Day took place on April 2. Many people believe giving young children electronics is bad for them. Contrary to popular belief experts say there are advances in technology  helping to diagnose autism and treat its symptoms. Experts say they can use special cameras to track a child´s eye gaze, which research says is one way to detect characteristics of autism in young children. Veena Ahuja, M.D of Cleveland Clinics Children´s says “There’s been some really interesting research that shows we can use different cameras to look where a child is looking,” she said. “If you show them an image of a face, for example, they’re not likely to look at the eyes – they might look at the periphery, or the chin, or forehead, instead.” Other than helping experts diagnose autism, there are also programs that can help children with autism communicate better. When children have a better way to communicate with people they have less behavioral problems. There are also programs to help children manage their symptoms, as well as role-playing virtual reality games that teach kids with autism how to deal with bullies. Most of the technology designed for autism is pretty new, but Dr. Ahuja says experts are excited about the possibilities of using it on young children. After all the habits children learn while they are young stay with them throughout their lives.