Everyone loves getting together with family and friends, spending time with loved ones and giving each other gifts and spreading the holiday cheer. Although gifts can be very pricey at times, here are 20 inexpensive Christmas Gifts that are sure to impress your loved ones.

1.Burt Bees Lip Care

2. Fuzzy Socks

3. Stuffed Animals

4. Mugs/Cups

5. Hot cocoa Mix

6. Starbucks gift cards

7. Lip gloss, Mascara, Eyelash Curler

8. Phone cases

9. Bracelets, Rings, Scrunchies

10.Collage of Pictures of each other

11. Bath and body works Lotions and Body Sprays

12. Skin care products/ Face Masks

13. Care packages

14. Homemade cookies

15. Nail Polish

16. Earbuds

17. Popsockets

18. Funko (Pop Vinyls)

19. Plants, succulents, cactus, poinsettia

20. Books

Here are  20 Cheap but Good Christmas Gifts for your loved ones that won’t leave you broke for the new year.