Listen up middle school kids, in less than 5 years we’re going to high school. It’s scary, and it’s exciting all at once. We all make so many choices in life, and some are made for us. Whether or not that’s the case, the matter of which high school we’ll be attending is an anxious topic as well. It may or not be decided for you, but if there’s anyone out there with that question of, “Warren?” or “No, Downey?”, we understand you. Each year we grow older, and we grow older to touch the rim of high school life. But where are you going to begin your high school life? Luckily, our city has two major high schools nearby that are very easy options and access for many of us.

As for  Downey High School, the area can’t get any better. Located right next to Stonewood mall and Chick-Fil-A, having fun after school is easy! The area around Downey is very diverse and has so much to do, with an amazing community too. The school itself is very diverse, with more than half of its population being Hispanics attending there. Many people choose to go to Downey over Warren because of how new the school is too. Updated a few years ago, the school looks amazing. Everyone who goes can be sure to get a proper high school experience at one of the best high schools in our area. Since they opened in 1901, they’ve been through so much and have quite a lot to brag about. Downey High School offers a wide variety of AP classes, including AP Chemistry,  AP Psychology, AP Government, AP Spanish, AP History (Europe), AP United States History, AP Music Theory, AP Human Geography, AP English Literature, and AP Biology. If you’re looking for Student Council and ASB, they have a place for that too. Positions such as ASB President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer have a home at Downey High School and anyone can sign up and petition for their place. Another recent achievement accomplished in 2005, Downey High School raised $45,000+ for the Leukemia & Lymphoma SocietyDowney High School tries all they can to look out for the beautiful community around them, stay close on academics and sports, and it is safe to say they do a good job at all they do.

Next up is Warren High School; the academics are also rock solid. With over 100 electives to choose from, it’s not just their amazing AVID program that will get you college and career ready. With so many electives, Warren High School lets you get a feel for what you want to be. They have art classes such as photography and animation, and have many woodworking classes as well. The AVID program they have is amazing, as it helps you with any worries you have about colleges. It helps you get scholarships anywhere you want, to anywhere in the country! If you have a dream school and have jitters about going, sign up for AVID, because it’s going to be a huge help. As well as Downey High School, more than half of one of the best high schools in our area is being attended by Hispanics. They have many clubs to join on campus too, such as Dance. As for extra activities inside of school, they have choices like a tennis team, a football team, a cheerleader squad, a volleyball team, an amazing cross country and track & field team. While attending Warren, you can take as many AP classes as you possibly handle, (AP Chemistry, AP English, AP History, AP American Literature, AP Algebra, AP Calculus, AP Psychology, AP Government, AP Music Theory, AP Biology, etc.) and take German, Spanish (Advanced/Regular), and French. There is so much to enjoy at Warren, from their library to their football games, and maintaining how much fun you’ll have there and your academics will be tough, but isn’t that part of the whole high school experience?