1. Spider-man far from home: This upcoming movie according to the trailer is about a boy named Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland)who goes on a school trip with his friends but when he’s there he has to battle The Elements, four extradimensional humanoids.
  2. Spies in disguises:
  3. Avengers: End game: This movie is a sequel to (Avengers: Infinity War) The rest of the Avengers are trying to figure out how to bring the rest of them back after what had happened with Thanos.
  4. Frozen 2: This upcoming movie is a sequel to “Frozen” and Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf find out about an ancient mystery in their kingdom 
  5. Dumbo: This upcoming movie is a retelling of the first animated movie dumbo. It’s about a small elephant that was born with big ears and would constantly be bullied because of it.
  6. Toy Story 4: Toy story four is finally coming out this year after 25 years of the first one being released. The third one finished with Bonnie having possession of the toys while Andy goes to college.
  7. It: Chapter two: This upcoming movie is a sequel to the first one. Like the first one is going to start with a kid getting taken.
  8. Star Wars: Episode IX: Star wars have many movies it feels like it”ll never stop but this movie is dedicated to lea for a 40-year long career with the Star Wars franchise.
  9. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu:
  10. X-Men : Dark Phoenix: